• It’s so easy to join

    It’s a new year and a great time to encourage your fellow support and operational staff to join the Union.

    16th FEB 2017
  • Members at Malek Fahd welcome reprieve

    IEU members welcomed recent news from the Chair of the Board of Malek Fahd which reported that Commonwealth funding had been confirmed 'for the time being'.

    8th FEB 2017
  • Baby bingo

    The Gomeroi gaaynggal centre in Tamworth is home to the longest running study of Indigenous mothers and their babies undertaken anywhere in the world. It tracks the progress of mothers and their babies in their first 1000 days.

    7th FEB 2017
  • Same site, same pay!

    Late last year the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle held an Early Learning Summit at which the value of early learning to a child’s lifelong development was acknowledged.

    7th FEB 2017
  • What gives a head start?

    An $8 billion US program, Head Start, supports low income families and has shown good quality preschool attendance has significant benefits for individuals (and society) into adult life.

    7th FEB 2017