Supporting the independent education community

Indigenous materials

The IEU is committed to taking a leadership role in educating members through its policies and publications regarding the truth of the history of Indigenous Australians and their struggle to achieve land rights and self-determination.

IEU Indigenous Adviser Diat Callope assists in developing IEUA national policies on Indigenous issues, consulting with Indigenous staff in non government schools, and developing cross cultural awareness within IEU structures.

On behalf of Indigenous members we have raised issues of tenure, classification, role descriptions, and the lack of commitment to employ Indigenous Education Workers permanently. The Union has been successful through negotiations with Diocesan Directors to have the majority of Indigenous Education Workers made permanent.

Federally, the IEUA has assisted the Federal Council on issues including: Human Rights and Equal Commission's Inquiry into Rural and Remote Education; Inquiry into Boys Education; Reconciliation; Sorry Day; and the IEUA/ATSIC Alliance.